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Multicultural Senior Account Planner


fluent360 is a full service multicultural advertising agency in Chicago that believes in unfolding the power of cultural influence as a means of crafting genuine and impactful brand communications with targeted segments. As such, the nerve center of our agency resides in our Research & Strategic Planning Group where we seek to mine segment-resonant insights from syndicated and proprietary data sources.

As an agency that seeks to craft multicultural solutions for our clients in a Total Market environment, it’s imperative that we have team members with both comfort and expertise within both targeted and general market spaces.


We’re currently looking to add a Senior Account Planner to our team to help support and grow our multicultural discipline in Strategy and Planning.

The ideal candidate for this role will have at least a bachelor’s degree and at least five years of industry experience (or relevant education) including some (30%-50%) within multicultural and/or diverse markets. They will also have had some experience working with syndicated research tools like Simmons and MRI (with the ability to pull crosstabs as needed) as well Mintel and the ability to source data from relevant suppliers as needed.

We’re looking for someone who can be part teacher and part consultant with the ability to take complex data or principles and distill them into actionable insights for our creative teams while conversely explaining consumer nuances and behaviors to clients.

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